Argentine Casino Gambler Assaults Security After Unfortunate Gambling Streak

On Wednesday night, a disgruntled gambler in Argentina had an unfortunate streak of bad luck in a casino’s slot machines. His temper flared, leading him to damage gaming equipment and fiercely confront security personnel who attempted to intervene.

At Casino del Río Cipolletti in Rio Negro, Argentina, the man’s outbursts drew attention from other customers. Security guards urged him to compose himself and prevent an uproar. But the man’s anger continued to mount, until two bouncers stepped in and tried to restrain him.

Cellphone footage of the incident captured the two bouncers and another individual, wearing a police uniform, trying to hold the irate gambler in place. In the midst of screams and chaos, a bystander was taking pictures; two of the security guards attempted to take her phone away. In the same video, a casino employee can be seen arriving to the scene and ordering the woman to leave the premises.

The man’s fit of rage was not rewarded, but a different gambler the following day had better luck. At the Arena Maipú casino complex in Mendoza, around 500 miles away, a female gambler decided to give a progressive jackpot slot machine a try at 10 PM