Argentine Casino Robber Murders Accomplice for Refusing to Pursue Illegal Activity

After engaging in a slew of offenses across Argentina, a thief concluded that it was time to make a radical lifestyle change. However, his companion had other ideas and executed him for wanting to turn over a new leaf.

According to Telefe Noticias, based on police reports, Carlos Diez could not take the rejection. He flew into a rage after his friend, Marcelo Ramón Villagra, declared he would no longer commit crime with him.

The decisions to alter his life path ultimately cost him his life, with the law enforcement quickly apprehending the culprit.

It is believed that the two had been engaged in a string of robberies throughout different areas of the country for several years. One of these exploits was a heist of an unidentified casino, where they made away with ARS100,000 (US$481.10), resulting in Diez’s imprisonment.

After his release, he reunited with his old cohorts, including Ramón, and resumed his prior activities. Although the take was never substantial, when his partner decided to discontinue their criminal activities, the career criminal flew into a rage before storming off.

Moments later, he returned with a knife and stabbed Ramón numerous times without uttering a single word. As Ramón drew his last breath, Diez reportedly remarked in a way that only he could comprehend.

Fortunately, Ramón’s girlfriend had witnessed the heinous act and immediately alerted the authorities who apprehended Diez. He now faces up to 40 years in prison upon conviction.

In other news, a clandestine gambling den located in the town of San Martín Dos in Argentina’s province of Formosa was recently busted.

As the police were conducting a regular patrol, they stumbled upon a crowd of people in a house. When the law enforcement showed up, everyone attempted to escape with their winnings and gambling supplies.

However, the proprietor of the house was left behind, who, upon interrogation, confessed to running the illegal gambling establishment and illegally serving alcohol without a license.

He was arrested and later released on the charges of illegal gambling, with the prosecutors now building their case to bring the accused before a judge.