Britain’s Long-Awaited Gambling Legislation Paper Set to be Unveiled Next Week

It appears that the long-awaited gambling reforms in the UK may be set to take effect in the coming week. According to Racing Post, the government’s white paper on the matter could be presented to the House of Commons this Thursday. The paper is expected to bring about some of the most significant legislative changes to the UK gambling industry in nearly two decades.

The contents of the paper are still not known, but leaked information in recent months has suggested that operators and consumers can expect more restrictions. This includes the possible implementation of limits on spending, affordability checks, and mandatory fees for operators. Although the government has promised a “common-sense” approach, the exact details remain unclear.

Central to the changes is the response to the reported out-of-control gambling spending, which some argue has led to gambling addiction. This has been contested, with the UK Gambling Commission’s own studies showing the rate of “problem gambling” in the UK to be amongst the lowest in the world. Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew and Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer may make the white paper available to Parliament this Thursday, but this could be delayed due to Parliament’s extended holiday.

The group GambleAware, which supports gambling addiction and prevention projects in England, Scotland and Wales, is also undergoing changes. It has rebranded the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) to the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN) and plans to double its funding in the coming year. GambleAware’s funding is partially sourced from “voluntary donations from the gambling industry” and the white paper could affect this arrangement.

In conclusion, the UK’s overdue gambling reforms are expected to arrive next week and could bring about significant changes to the industry.