DraftKings and Betfred Offer Live Odds for World Putting League Championship

The World Putting League (WPL) is hosting its second championship event tomorrow, April 20, at the Hawaiian Rumble minigolf putt-putt course in Myrtle Beach, S.C. DraftKings and Betfred are taking bets on the event in select US states and jurisdictions, offering odds on the 72 holes of competition.

Professional minigolfer Olivia Prokopova is among the favorites for the WPL Championship, with odds at +500. Matt McCaslin has the shortest odds at +400, followed by Gary Hester (+1500), Greg Newport (+550), and Joey Graybeal (+800).

Minigolf is a perfect sport for legal sports betting, with its fast pace and multiple in-game betting opportunities. The WPL is the first professional minigolf circuit available with legal betting in US history, and is sanctioned by the US ProMiniGolf Association.

Fans and bettors can watch the showdown online via a live broadcast on the WPL website (TheWorldPuttingLeague.com), and bet on a variety of lines on DraftKings and Betfred, including the number of holes in one for each player, the number of total aces for each hole, and the lowest score for each round.

The Pro League Network was established last year to bring fun and “inherently bettable” live sports to sportsbook operators, and has taken extra steps to ensure game integrity and protect against illicit activity.

PGA Tour Radio host Brian Katrek will provide commentary for tomorrow’s event, which begins at 10:30 am EST.