DraftKings CEO Robins Optimistically Shares Thoughts on Twitter

As it approaches its third year since becoming a publicly traded entity, DraftKings’ CEO, Jason Robins, took to Twitter to express an optimistic outlook for the company’s future. Since its initial debut on the Nasdaq on April 24th, 2020, the gaming operator has experienced fluctuating levels of success, having dropped 8.73%. Despite the setbacks, Robins is confident in the team’s ability to become cost efficient and reach profitability, which they are projecting to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Robins, who holds 93% of the company’s voting equity, has been vocal in his support of the firm’s initiatives to reduce spending, announcing in February the layoff of 140 employees. His positivity is further seen in his discussion of DraftKings’ financial performance, claiming that the company had a successful year with a 73% increase in revenue for the fiscal year and 81% in the fourth quarter.

Overall, Robins’ outlook seems to be that the future of DraftKings is bright and he is confident in the potential of the company’s people and culture.