Explosive Conflicts in Las Vegas: Sinatra, Tupac, Kamara, Vanderpump

Not every individual who visits Las Vegas for a good time walks away having had one. Oftentimes, with the abundance of alcohol and hormones, tempers can flare and result in a brawl. Following the altercation between Alvin Kamara and Chris Lammons, we have compiled the top five most notorious brawls to have taken place in Las Vegas. Please note, we do not condone violence and these brawls are not to be replicated.

Beginning with number five, Darnelle Greene was attacked by Kamara and Lammons and two other men in a Cromwell Hotel and Casino elevator on February 5th. Surveillance showed Kamara punching Greene eight times, Lammons punching him once and kicking him three times, and the other two men kicking him a total of twenty times. Greene filed a ten million dollar lawsuit in a Louisiana court, claiming his beatdown resulted in bodily injury and a disfiguring fracture to his right orbital bone. All four men were arrested after the 2022 Pro Bowl game, and charged with felony battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.

In fourth place, the “Vanderpump Rules Chunky Sweater Melee” was a silly skirmish that was likely staged for the cameras. It involved Jax Taylor, who was the bartender of Sexy Unique Restaurant (SUR) and the show’s antagonist, and Frank Herlihy, who was the SUR bartender and Stassi Schroeder’s flame. After Taylor showed up to Schroeder’s birthday, Taylor and Herlihy got into it in the parking lot. Taylor removed his chunky white sweate and threatened Herlihy with violence, although no punches were thrown. Herlihy then managed to escape the situation by cab.

Next on the list is the fight between Tupac Shakur and Orlando Anderson, which is tied to Shakur’s untimely death. Anderson was a member of the Crips street gang and had previously attacked a close friend of Suge Knight and Death Row Records’ co-founder. After a Tyson-Seldon boxing match, Anderson was spotted and pointed out to Knight and Shakur’s entourage. Shakur threw the first punch and the beatdown ensued in the MGM arena. Subsequently, Shakur was shot in a white Cadillac and died in a hospital three hours later. Anderson was killed in an unrelated gang shootout in 1998 and is still the prime suspect in Shakur’s murder.

In second place is the time Frank Sinatra was punched out in the Sands Hotel and Casino. Sinatra had racked up two hundred thousand dollars in casino credit and was informed he could no longer gamble until he paid it back. In response, Sinatra destroyed his penthouse room, shouted at pit bosses, and threw a loaded baggage cart into a plate-glass window. After an exchange with the vice president of the resort, Sinatra was punched in the mouth. A chair was then thrown at Carl Cohen, but he managed to duck in time and it hit a security guard instead.

The top spot goes to the Bite Fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Holyfield had surprisingly won the first match between the two, and the rematch was supposed to be for the World Boxing Association Heavyweight Championship. Thirty-two seconds into the second round, Holyfield head-butted Tyson and a large gash over his right eye was created. In response, Tyson bit both of Holyfield’s ears, tearing off an inch-long chunk of cartilage from his right one. Tyson was disqualified and Holyfield declared the still-reigning world champ. Tyson was fined three million dollars and had his boxing license revoked.

These five brawls are some of the most notorious in Las Vegas history. We do not condone violence and hope these events remain in the past.