Gaming Corps Joins Forces with Skywind Group in Romania!

Gaming Corps, the Swedish gaming company known for their innovative and immersive games, has announced an exciting partnership with Skywind Group in Romania. This collaboration will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective to the gaming industry as the two companies combine their expertise and resources. With Gaming Corps’ track record of creating captivating gaming experiences and Skywind Group’s cutting-edge technology, players can expect nothing short of excellence. This partnership promises to push boundaries and deliver unforgettable gaming experiences to fans worldwide.

Gaming Corps, a renowned Sweden-based iGaming company, has announced its latest collaboration with the Romanian gambling B2B company, Skywind Group. This strategic alliance brings together the expertise and resources of both companies to further expand their presence within the Romanian market.

By partnering with Skywind Group, Gaming Corps gains access to their flagship platforms, which include Princess Casino and These platforms have a strong presence in the Romanian market, making them a valuable addition to Gaming Corps’ roster of companions.

This collaboration is expected to open up new opportunities for both companies, allowing them to tap into the growing demand for iGaming services in Romania. With their combined strengths and expertise, Gaming Corps and Skywind Group can work together to provide innovative and exciting gaming experiences to players in the region.

Gaming Corps is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality games and cutting-edge technology. Through this collaboration, they aim to strengthen their position in the Romanian market and solidify their reputation as a leading player in the iGaming industry.

The partnership between Gaming Corps and Skywind Group is an exciting development that showcases the importance of strategic alliances in the highly competitive iGaming sector. Both companies bring unique strengths to the table, and by joining forces, they can leverage their expertise to achieve mutual success.

Overall, this collaboration marks a significant milestone for Gaming Corps as they continue to expand their global footprint and establish themselves as a key player in the iGaming industry.