Good Samaritan Takes Aim at Suspect at Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall Incident

A Good Samaritan with a firearm stepped in to help security guards at Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall last week, allowing them to apprehend a man whom they had found with a knife. The suspect, later identified as Letrelle Calhoun, 22, had allegedly threatened the guards’ lives and had brandished the large, “butcher” style knife in the mall. Calhoun was charged with several counts of assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and was taken into custody at the Clark County Detention Center after appearing before Las Vegas Judge Daniel Westmeyer on Saturday, with bail set at $5,000.

In a separate incident, Martel Deavon Nelson, 38, of Las Vegas was sentenced to 46 months in prison for being a felon in unlawful possession of an AR-15 pattern rifle. Nelson had been found with the short-barrel rifle with an obliterated serial number at an unnamed casino in 2020, and was given a three-year supervised release after his prison sentence.

On Monday, Stephen Laster was arrested on suspicion of smoking methamphetamine at Harry Reid International Airport, allegedly using a pipe in a restaurant in Terminal 1. He was charged with violating airport public conduct rules, using or possessing drug paraphernalia, and violating probation and has since been released on his own recognizance. Laster had previously pleaded guilty in 2022 to battery with the use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm.