Grand Opening of Dinosaur-Themed Attraction in Las Vegas’ Horseshoe Casino

On April 10th, the newly rebranded Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s) will be home to an awe-inspiring animatronic dinosaur experience. The ‘Dino Safari’ will be situated close to the Cabinet of Curiosities and will include 30 realistically moving robotic replicas of dinosaurs. It is the result of Imagine Exhibitions, the masterminds behind ‘Real Bodies’ at Horseshoe and ‘Discovering King Tut’s Tomb’ at Luxor.

The exhibit will feature the T. rex from North America, Africa’s Spinosaurus, and Nevadadromeus, a recently discovered small thescelosaurine ornithischian dinosaur from the Willow Tank Formation of Nevada.

Tom Zaller, the CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, expressed his enthusiasm for the project in a press release, saying, “We are about to make people’s dreams come true by allowing them to travel back in time and explore the world of dinosaurs. Through enormous animatronic dinosaurs, real fossils, interactive games, virtual reality, and incredible science, ‘Dino Safari’ will be an unforgettable experience.”

The ‘Dino Safari’ brand has been operating since 1994, and Imagine currently produces 40 educational activities in museums, schools, and other venues around the world. This includes ‘Dino Safari’ attractions in Boston, San Antonio, and Atlanta.

The attraction’s national Facebook page has an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5, with most people enjoying the experience, though some have complained that it is not worth the price or that it is not as immersive as advertised.

Tickets, starting at $22.25, will be available from April 4th on Children below the age of two can access the attraction for free.