Illinois’ Rivers Casino Targeted by Armed Robbers in Series of Crimes

Two men were robbed at the parking lot of Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Ill. on Sunday night. Fortunately, no one was hurt as the suspects had brandished firearms and demanded money. The men, 67 and 61 years old, were from Chicago.

The suspects had arrived in a Jeep Compass and parked the car behind a Honda. Two of them got out and opened the car door, putting guns to the chests of the two occupants and stealing money and a cellphone before fleeing.

The robberies have been linked to one at the parking lot of Mariano’s grocery store in Park Ridge, Ill.

As a result, Des Plaines police have arrested the suspects and charges are pending. In response to the previous robberies, Rivers Casino has taken measures such as installing license plate readers, enhanced lighting in the lot and surveillance cameras which have proven useful in the recent incidents.

In West Virginia, a video was released of an off-duty state trooper allegedly taking an envelope filled with cash from a Cross Lanes casino in May 2021. The trooper has since retired and no charges were filed nor was an internal investigation launched.

In Pennsylvania, a custodian of Erie’s Presque Isle Downs and Casino was charged by state police after allegedly throwing a wallet into a trash bin that a customer had dropped on a chair.