Las Vegas Declares Emergency After Malfunction Halts Crucial Fuel Pipeline

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo and Clark County leaders both declared a state of emergency on Friday night following a break in a major fuel pipeline that supplies Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

Lines formed at gas stations in the city, prompting Lombardo to encourage people not to rush out and buy fuel, as repairs are being made on the 566-mile CalNev pipeline running from California to Nevada. The pipeline is operated by Houston-based energy company Kinder Morgan and accounts for 90% of the fuel supply in the area.

The second pipeline to supply Southern Nevada fuel storage facilities with unleaded and diesel fuel originates from Salt Lake City, Utah. Jet fuel delivery to Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport will not be affected, however.

Kinder Morgan is working to repair the leak as quickly as possible, and Clark County is in contact with the company to monitor the situation. Lombardo and Clark County also asked for a short-term waiver from environmental regulations in order to help with alternative delivery methods should the need arise.

The leak was first noticed on Thursday, resulting in a spill of 205 gallons of fuel. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported and the spill was contained. The effects of the leak have also spread to Phoenix