Lawsuit Seeks $15K After Bat Encounter in Las Vegas Strip Hotel Room

In a bizarre incident that has left hotel guests in disbelief, a bat was discovered flying freely inside a hotel room on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The stunned occupants quickly vacated the premises, demanding immediate action from hotel management. Seeking compensation for the traumatic experience, they have now filed a lawsuit seeking $15,000 in damages. The incident has sparked concerns among visitors about the adequacy of pest control measures in hotels, and has raised questions about the potential health risks associated with such encounters. As the legal battle ensues, hoteliers in the area are urged to review their pest control protocols to prevent further unsettling incidents and protect their reputation.

Eight Arizona residents have filed a civil complaint against MGM Resorts International, the operator of New York-New York hotel and casino resort in Las Vegas. According to the complaint, these individuals claim that they were forced to undergo preventative rabies treatments after discovering a live bat in their hotel room in April 2022.

The lawsuit was filed on August 10 in Clark County District Court, seeking compensation for the alleged distress and medical expenses caused by the incident. The plaintiffs are requesting $15,000 in damages.