Luxury Cars of Billionaire Gaming Mogul Accidentally Damaged by Crown Resorts Valet, Costing $1.8 Million

An unidentified valet at Crown Resorts’ Crown Perth casino had a shocking experience on Wednesday night when they caused damage to two Lamborghinis owned by gaming billionaire Laurence Escalante. The incident occurred around 9 PM while the driver was attempting to park one of the ultra-exclusive luxury cars, and resulted in the driver mistakenly hitting the gas pedal instead of the brakes. Both vehicles, worth around $900,000 each, were Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae, one teal and the other purple.

The aftermath of the accident was captured on video, with stunned onlookers heard commenting in the background. The valet was heard explaining that he had mixed up the brake and gas pedals and was “trying to park it just like everyone else”. Fortunately, there were no injuries. However, the photo of the impact showed substantial damage to both cars, with the teal Lamborghini’s hood and right front quarter panel folded and wedged under the engine compartment of the purple Lambo.

Crown Resorts have since released a statement, saying that they are currently assessing the situation, while a representative of Escalante has said that they are working with the casino to put the incident behind them.