Mystery Surrounds Death of Celebrated Lottery Winner in India

A man from Kerala, India, experienced a tragic ending to his newfound wealth when he won a substantial sum in a lottery draw. Celebrating his winnings, which amounted to approximately US$97,000, the 35-year-old fell from a terrace and subsequently passed away while receiving treatment in a hospital, leading authorities to believe it may have been more than an accident.

The man, only identified as Sajeev by local media outlet On Manorama, had purchased a ticket from the Kerala State Lottery last month and hit the jackpot. In Kerala, where the average monthly salary is less than US$2K, US$100K is an extraordinary sum.

Sajeev, his brother and other individuals gathered at a friend’s rented house to celebrate the win on Saturday. Unfortunately, the joyous occasion quickly turned sour and ended with Sajeev’s death, prompting the police to initiate a homicide investigation.

It is believed that an argument between Sajeev and a friend, Santhosh, broke out after alcohol was consumed. Santhosh allegedly pushed Sajeev, causing him to fall into a pit outside the house. Although Sajeev initially appeared unhurt, he later complained of discomfort and was taken to a hospital where he succumbed to an internal injury two days later.

An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death and what will happen to Sajeev’s lottery winnings, which were already deposited into his bank account.

In a similar story, a man in Kolkata recently won INR7.5 million (US$91,200) but his first thought was to seek refuge in a police station in fear of someone trying to steal his winning ticket. After receiving assurance from the police, the man was able to safely return home with his winnings.

Lotteries are a popular and highly profitable activity in India, despite being consistently criticized and banned in various Indian states. The stories of Sajeev and Badesh demonstrate both the joys and risks associated with playing the lottery.