Nevada Law Permits Bystanders to Smash Windows to Save Animals or Children From Overheated Vehicles

A proposed bill in Nevada would allow civilians to rescue a pet or child from a hot vehicle by breaking the window or using other “reasonable means” to free them. The passerby would be exempt from civil and criminal liability for their actions. They must, however, stay with the vehicle until emergency responders arrive, and contact the appropriate authorities. Currently, law enforcement officers and emergency services responders have this same protection. This is especially relevant in Las Vegas due to the hot Nevada sun. An example of this was in July 2022 when a puppy was rescued from a sweltering car at a casino, with its mouth taped shut. An infant was also rescued in July 2021 from a vehicle parked at a North Las Vegas casino. The suspect was arrested and charged with child abuse. This bill aims to ensure the safety of children and pets, and protect those who are brave enough to act.