New York City Parents Speak Out: Casino Bidders Exploiting Our Kids as ‘Pawns’

In a shocking revelation, New York City parents have voiced their concerns over the city’s plans to open casinos and how it may impact their children’s lives. Accusing casino bidders of using their kids as pawns, these frustrated parents argue that the potential negative consequences of such establishments outweigh any economic benefits. They fear that the lure of gambling and its proximity to their children’s schools will expose them to a host of social issues, including addiction and increased crime rates. With the well-being of their children at stake, these parents are determined to fight against what they perceive as an exploitation of innocent lives in the name of economic growth.

“The Coney,” a proposed $3 billion casino on New York’s Coney Island, is supporting Brooklyn USA Basketball through the provision of new uniforms and t-shirts.

New York City Parents Say Their Kids Being Used as ‘Pawns’ by Casino Bidders

This post discusses concerns raised by parents in New York City who believe that their children are being exploited by casino bidders. It highlights how “The Coney,” a $3 billion casino project on Coney Island, is sponsoring Brooklyn USA Basketball by providing them with new uniforms and t-shirts. The article also provides a link to the original post on