Raynham Park Sportsbook Stuck in Limbo Despite Regulatory Victory for Track Owner

Despite a recent regulatory win for the track owner, Raynham Park Sportsbook remains in limbo. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission granted a Category 1 license to Greenwood Racing Inc., allowing them to operate a slots parlor and simulcast wagering facility on the Raynham Park property. The decision came as a relief for the track owner who had been seeking ways to diversify revenue streams after greyhound racing was banned in the state in 2008. However, the question of whether sports betting will be allowed at Raynham Park is yet to be answered, leaving the future of the potential sportsbook uncertain.

Raynham Park is hoping to one day offer retail sports betting at the former greyhound racetrack, but don’t bet on that happening anytime soon.

Raynham Park, a former greyhound racetrack, has expressed its aspirations to introduce retail sports betting in the future. However, it seems unlikely that this plan will come to fruition in the near future.

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