Sara King, the ‘Slots Guru’, Accuses Royal Spouse of Alleged $10M Fraud

Sara King, a lawyer based in Los Angeles, is accused of squandering $10 million of her clients’ funds on lavish trips to Las Vegas. However, she has now claimed that her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kamran Pahlavi, great-nephew of the last Shah of Iran, was the one responsible. Her husband has described her to The Daily Beast as a “female Madoff”, and has moved to Morocco to escape her.

Sara was sued last month by LDR International, an investor in her business, King Family Lending LLC (KFL). KFL provided quick cash for high-value collateral such as jewelry and luxury cars. The investment from LDR was supposed to be used to fund third-party loans, however, Sara mainly spent the money playing high-stakes slot machines, which earned her a VIP suite at the Wynn Las Vegas.

LDR has referred the case to the FBI and Sara is also under investigation by the California Bar. Now, she claims that her husband coerced her into gambling to repay LDR. Apparently, King referred to herself as a “slots whisperer” and claimed to have an “unbeatable strategy”, despite the fact that slots are designed to provide everyone with the same chance of winning. When confronted with King’s allegations, Pahlavi questioned her behavior, claiming that she was an addict and that it made no sense for him to push her to gamble with his friend’s money. He also said he had no reason to believe there was any wrongdoing until he and Reiss noticed typos in documents she shared with them.