Snoop Dogg, Las Vegas Legend, Seeks to Grace King Charles’ Coronation with a Hip Hop Performance

When King Charles is crowned as the UK’s ruler in May, the ceremony could be graced by something never before seen – and possibly never before imagined. If granted his wish, rapper, marijuana enthusiast, actor and casino tycoon Snoop Dogg will take the stage to perform.

Snoop Dogg in a media photo. The music and cannabis entrepreneur wants to perform for King Charles’ coronation. (Image: Getty Images)

Snoop, who recently declared that he is the “chief ganjaroo officer” for cryptocurrency-centric online casino Roobet, has expressed his desire to be part of the coronation. The Sun picked up the story, with the celebrity adding that he would perform to honor “Queen Lizzie” in reference to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Whether or not Snoop gets the opportunity he hopes for is still unknown. Nonetheless, it likely won’t take long for sportsbooks to add it as a line for bettors.

Make It Happen

Despite a tumultuous past with the UK, Snoop has always had a fondness for the people and, in particular, Queen Elizabeth. He has been involved in several altercations and has had to deal with bad publicity with England, but this hasn’t shaken his views.

In one incident, Snoop got into a tiff at Heathrow Airport in London when British Airways refused to allow him and his entourage into a VIP lounge. Some members of the group were flying economy and weren’t able to enter, which led to a brawl involving over 30 people.

That was in 2006, and it caused Snoop to miss a concert tour he had arranged in the UK. It wasn’t until four years later that he was able to solve the issue and regain entry after he sued – and won – against the UK Border Agency.

For years prior to that incident, the award-winning artist also had to bear the burden of being an accused murderer in the US. This gave the UK tabloids material to spread their gossip until a jury acquitted Snoop in 1996.

For all their attempts over the years to tarnish the Gin And Juice performer, Snoop and the royal family have apparently developed a bond. Eight years ago, in an interview with The Guardian, he said that part of the reason he was able to beat the Border Agency was because of the Queen’s intervention.

Per his version of the story, she listened to her grandchildren – Princes William and Harry – when they pleaded with her to show him mercy. From that point forward, Snoop was devoted. “The queen, that’s my gal,” he boasted.

In It For Queen Lizzie

Snoop, who is also a big fan of the British soap opera Coronation Street, now wants to demonstrate his admiration for her and the royal family by performing at the coronation. That will require intensive negotiations, and probably wouldn’t include For All My Niggaz & Bitches, although Outside the Box is an option.

70 years ago was the last coronation in the UK, ushering in Queen Elizabeth’s reign. That included hits like Chaconne from the 1691 opera King Arthur, as well as more modern music. Confortare by classical music composer George Dyson made its debut during the event.

Should Snoop get his wish, it would be a first and a definite deviation from tradition. However, the odds are increasingly in his favor. Sir Elton John, Harry Styles and others have distanced themselves from recent royal controversies, possibly paving the way for Snoop Dogg to make history.