The Buffalo Bills Have Lower Chances of Winning the 2024 Super Bowl Than the Philadelphia Eagles

The Monday morning sports talk radio shows in the New York metropolitan area were all about the pregnant Rihanna, her belly-rubbing antics, and the zebras at Super Bowl 57. This gives a good indication of the expectations for the Giants and Jets for the following season – not high.

Aaron Rodgers’ four-day disappearance may switch things up. But the week began with a feeling of gloom after New Yorkers witnessed the Kansas City Chiefs and the referees defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in a highly entertaining game but not without its mistakes.

Those who watched from start to finish learned about the issues with the field, the frustrations of replays, and why some adverts are actually worth watching. There was not a single mention of the Jets, Giants, or the Buffalo Bills, the three teams that people from different areas of New York will begin evaluating months from now.

For the optimistic, the Giants were featured in DraftKings at +4000, the Jets at +2800 and the Bills at +700 as the potential winner of Super Bowl 58. Can you guess who the favorite was?

The Chiefs (+600) led the pack as expected, followed by the Bills (+700), Eagles (+900), Bengals (+900), and 49ers (+800). Fan Duel listed the top five as Kansas City (+600), Buffalo (+850), and Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Cincinnati (+900). Caesars had the top five: Chiefs (+550), 49ers (+600), Bills (+650), Eagles (+800) and Bengals (+900). Bet MGM had them Chiefs (+600), Bengals (+850), Bills, Eagles and 49ers (+900). PointsBet had it Chiefs (+550), Bills (+600), 49ers (+750), Eagles (+800) and Bengals (+900). BetRivers ranked them Kansas City (+600), Buffalo and Philadelphia (+700), San Francisco (+800) and Cincinnati (+1000), and Resorts World had them Chiefs (+500), Bills (+600), Niners (+750), Eagles (+800) and Bengals (+900). WynnBet and BallyBet did not have NFL Futures markets live Monday.

The longest odds available on the Jets were +3500 at BetMGM. For the Giants, the longest were at +4500 at PointsBet, BetRivers, and Resorts World.

This is peculiar considering that the Giants had a far better season than the Jets, despite getting crushed 38