Titus and Reschenthaler Reappointed as Co-Leaders of Congressional Gaming Caucus

The Congress Gaming Caucus’ leaders will persist in their respective roles for the upcoming two years. On Monday, US Reps. Dina Titus of Nevada and Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania declared they would remain as the co-chairs of the bipartisan organization which aims to inform their House peers on pertinent gaming matters.

Gambling has now become commonplace across the nation due to the proliferation of legal sports betting. At least some form of gambling is presently lawful in 44 states, plus betting on sports is now obtainable in 33 states and the District of Columbia. As reported by the American Gaming Association (AGA), more than half the adult population in the US, totaling 146 million people, is now able to access gaming. There are also 163 out of 435 congressional districts, or 37.5%, that house at least one casino.

The two leaders pledged to work together in order to promote the gaming industry. Rep. Titus’ district encompasses practically all of the Las Vegas Strip, where the gaming industry has set a national standard that has been followed in other states as gambling has expanded. She said, “As co-chair of the Congressional Gaming Caucus, I am looking forward to collaborating with Rep. Reschenthaler and our other colleagues in a bipartisan manner to help well-regulated gaming markets flourish and motivate economic growth in District One and nationally.”

Rep. Reschenthaler, whose district encompasses parts of Southwestern Pennsylvania, noted the gaming sector just had a successful year with record-breaking revenue numbers. He commented, “I am honored to be leading the Congressional Gaming Caucus alongside Rep. Titus to strengthen legislation on Capitol Hill to create quality jobs, drive economic development, and cultivate investments in districts all over the US.”

The caucus stated three gaming issues that it has prioritized for the two-year session. It wishes to eradicate what the chairpeople termed “discriminatory” taxes, which include the .25% federal excise tax on legal sports bets that has been in place since the 1950s. Not only that, but the caucus also seeks to raise the current slot tax threshold of $1,200, which has not been amended for 46 years, to $5,000. Moreover, the caucus wants the federal government to do more to terminate unlawful gaming activities that cost states billions in taxes. AGA President and CEO Bill Miller said, “The AGA and our members anticipate working with the caucus and the new Congress to guarantee sensible tax policy and combat unlawful