Uncovering the Truth: How Casino Carpets Impact Gambling Habits

Claims on a website called Gamblingsites.org suggest that unsightly carpets in casinos are actually a result of extensive market research. These carpets, with their odd lines and peculiar patterns, purportedly help to keep players alert and focused on their gaming. The already heavily stained carpeting at the Fremont Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, however, appears to be doing its job.

This phenomenon has made way for a number of myths about casinos, which are likely attributable to the fact that casino games tend to give back less money than they take in, on average. This tendency has caused players to invent ways to beat the system, and subsequently, to view even the tiniest details of the casino’s design as evidence of trickery.

One of the myths debunked by this series was that casinos pump in extra oxygen. But that’s not all: Reddit user LordPraetorian believes that the busy designs on the carpet are used to prevent customers from being able to find the exits. Meanwhile, Oftcenter argued that the relatively tame ceilings are used to draw people’s eyes downward and keep them focused on the gaming amenities. However, Scott Roeben of Casino.org’s Vital Vegas blog firmly believes that these theories are all unfounded.

The truth, according to Roeben, is much simpler: casino carpets are designed to hide stains and wear and tear, and are cleaned often to keep up with the many customers who pass through them carrying drinks, and, at times, vomitting. In addition, Roeben suggests that the carpets are used to reinforce the casino’s brand, as each casino typically has its own unique pattern. These designs have become so recognizable that people can often identify casinos based on the carpet alone.