Visitors to Binion’s Las Vegas Casino Puzzled by “No Color” Rule

A new sign posted at Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel has been creating confusion and even provoking outrage. It reads that the Downtown Las Vegas property enforces a “No color policy.” Visitors to the Fremont Street property have interpreted the warning to mean restrictions on the colors of clothing worn by players entering the gaming floor, while others have wondered if the policy relates to the race of a casino visitor. One individual from Chicago commented that it was “up-front racism.”

Upon closer inspection, the sign actually relates to apparel, accessories, or decals worn by gangs or motorcycle clubs. However, a man from Idaho argued that “if you’re in a motorcycle club and you wear your colors, you should be able to wear them anywhere.” Another man named Josh, who is a motorcycle enthusiast, commented that this policy is commonly seen in bars in an attempt to lower tensions between rival clubs, although he does not agree with the sign since it can lead to unfair stereotypes about bikers.

The Fremont Street Experience (FSE) released a statement saying that each property has its own policies in place, and that the FSE does not have any restrictions on “colors” currently. Binion’s has yet to issue a comment.